“That’s My Jam!”

A few nights ago my husband came in the door from work and said that I really needed to hear this new song he heard on Octane.  He pulls up this video on YouTube and I was like...   My brain split and deviated from it's normal self. Head started bobbing.  I was into this.... Continue Reading →

Cardinal Copia dances to…

The Cardinal Copia dances to account on Twitter (@dancemacabre666) is a fucking SCREAM. I'm all about Cardi C dancing to 80's hits or anything for that matter. The Rats video is entertaining but the overlay of 80's pop rock jams surely enhance the Cardinal's dancing abilities. One thing that makes this all the better is... Continue Reading →

Music Appreciation

What does music mean to you? As a fan it means a few things to me. Listening to my favorite recording artists has help me through the shittiest of times. The discovery of new artists have gave me new hope and inspiration to move forward. In monotonous day to day life music helps the most... Continue Reading →

Will we get a Franken Papa?

I didn't think I'd wake up to this image yesterday morning but there you have it. Feelings of sadness gave way to the giggles. Then today I saw some fellow Ghost fans chatting about sewing Papa's head back on and then instantly thought of this... I came across the image back on March 24th under... Continue Reading →

Deftones August 27th 2016

This was a special concert. My daughter and I drove to Eugene, Oregon from seeing Deftones in Berkeley, Ca to see them again. I worked that Friday the 26th, got off work then scooped up the kid. We took off to the first adventure of the weekend and that was to the U.C. Berkeley Greek... Continue Reading →

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