Ultramodern contamination

Just a note, I have had the intentions to post a compilation of new found divertissement, though the reiteration of bullshit associated with Jackass fucking White that I believed I had found closure to (see last two posts) combined with the difficulty of trying to follow a clumsily translated court trial (Ghost) has had me literally on the brink of jumping off of the music-as-a-highly-invested-hobby train completely. It isn’t about time (if something is important enough you will make the time), it isn’t about disinterest (my attentions towards cultural interests remain vigorous)…it’s not even centered in any perceptions of people being undeserving (like an abusive borderline personality with Edward Scissorhands hair who’s entire record label suffers from debilitating lieabetes, or a group of Swedes who happily throw away elements of a very special project for the sake of greed, lack of personal responsibility, and lets be honest; the evil monster that is the envious, power-mad male ego). It’s when things become more problematic than they are enjoyable for extended periods of time that would naturally encourage any rational human being to find something else to invest in…but if these musicians have to hang on by the thread of survival at times, surely it’s that relatableness that keeps them worth remaining a vested interest.

For those that find perseverance through the macabre, life through death if you will, surely you find yourself amidst the industrial genre now and then. The first two new artists I’ve found myself intrigued by recently fall in this category. First, the new word of the LARD, Raymond Watts (KMFDM) in < PIG >

This project’s name is quite suiting as a double entendre, combining the filthy suggestibility of the animal itself, correlating with the anti-authoritative lyricism found on ‘s new album entitled Risen. There’s a heavy occult influence on this album, though a blend of glam fashion and sexual innuendos add a welcome aesthetic to the cult/craft driven genre (nothing too gore or messy here, kids, this is a grown & sexy project), while embracing doom rather than just noticing it’s presence adds intrigue. Watts & crew are currently touring this project (with him, a few members of Diamond Black, including Ben Christo of The Sisters of Mercy), many dates along side legends The Killing Joke; dates can be found at pigindustries.com

However, if you adore mess & gore, a novel industrial act that caught my attention due to being disgustingly resplendent is Agress.

I discovered this project while scrolling the pretty people of Instagram (you can find them @wormvomitt), which if you’re an avid user of the platform you’ll understand why I found Agress so fascinating; I just love beautiful people who’s filth exudes from within. This isn’t Halloween for Agress, this is a lifestyle…or deathstyle? I love the deep trip-hop horrorcore beat of the single Death. Lust. Intimacy accompanied by the monotone lyrics. This is a project I’ll be keeping my third eye on.

Another Instagram find is the hip hop artist John Don, who’s jazz medalized beat on the track Hieroglyphics is surprisingly accompanied by some relatively sinister, blunt bar spitting.

The contrast of street with high brow beat has always been the perfect fusion of edge meets fine art, intellect meets aggression. John finds the boundary to one’s sensitivity level and pushes hard, but it’s that same propulsion that our current social climate needs in a lets-let-the-truth-have-its-day kinda way. You can find John on Instagram at @johndonmusic

Just because it’s worthy of noting (though surely not a new artist to many people) and because he liked my comment on NPR’s Instagram post regarding his Erykah Badu reference (clout is never lost on me); Tech N9ne and Krizz Kalico did a Tiny Desk Concert and it was lit AF (linked below). I’ve been a fan of Teccha Nina since Anghellic, nice to see this powerhouse is still murdering ’em…and grateful that he was one of those special artists that keep me around even when the music scene is making your girl go through the gigs.

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