OTEP Kult 45 Review – She Speaks For Me




Halt Right“, The first song immediately gave me goosebumps.  I knew I was in from the first beat!  She clamps down on the entire MAGA agenda. “When was America greater? When it was illegal for women to Vote? When slaves were bought and sold? Before the Natives lost control?” Her message is clear, she says it’s a mother fucking war, put up your fists and fight. “Fuck the MAGA propaganda”

I’m going to lay out some of the songs in list form and tell you what she’s trying to get across.

Molotov” Nazi, Fascists and the KKK have no place in society

Undefeated” Silence make you complicit, remember that one

Cross Contamination” Slams the religious right hypocrites

Shelter In Place” Shame upon NRA and the gun culture

To The Gallows” Carves up Trump into tiny pieces LYRIC VIDEO

Invisible People” The disaster that is ICE and deportation

Be Brave” She’s asking us to step up and stand up for whats right

Wake Up” A Rage Against the Machine cover. No explanation needed because she crushes it.  See her perform it live here.

So are you with us? Nope? Then just keep silent and complicit.

Yes, you’re with us? Then good, speak up now. OTEP says “Put up your fists and fight”.  America could be greater and in the words of RATM, “It has to start somewhere, It has to start sometime, What better place than here, what better time than now?”




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