Cardinal Copia’s Crotch

Do you remember when Elvis Presley performed on national television and they didn’t show him from the waist down? I don’t remember it because I wasn’t alive but my parents and their generation remembered it. My mom remembered it more fondly than my father. Anyway, they would tell you as well as any history book or documentary that CBS wouldn’t show Elvis’ gyrating pelvis on national television. So you only got to see teenage girls literally dying in the audience and Elvis from the waist up in most of the segments.

Since then we have had other infamous crotches but now, we have Cardinal Copia from Ghost. Now the first time I saw a pic and noticed the bulge I was taken aback to say the least. Naturally I HAD to zoom in and WHAT? You can see the out line of the hea… OMFS. And just like that the fandom was set on fire. The first live pictures of this man in those tight drawers put us all over the edge, the thirsty thirsty edge.

So in a conversation with my daughter Genevieve, who is into glam and special fx make up, she suggested something I had been thinking, is it a prosthetic? LMAO I’m not trying to question the mans manhood with this post. I’m coming from the angle that he wears a mask and he has a fabulous sense of humor. I had even went as far as suggesting to Angela and Diana that it would be hilarious if you zoomed in and saw the face of Papa II like on the dildo. LOL Sorry, the imagination went wild.

His crotch definitely has a presence on Twitter amongst the Ghost fans. There was a pic a fellow Ghost fan took recently and his dick was literally casting a shadow on his thigh. We literally went from not showing a man from the waist down to celebrating a man whose urethra we know all too well now. I’m not mad though. Not complaining one bit. We are all impressed but there’s that pressing question again… is it real?


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  1. LOL. I fondly remember Copia’s white pants and I do think it’s his actual urethra. HELLO WORLD, SEE MY URETHRA? Yep he’s a shower and a grower… hopefully


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