and What I Use It For

I’ve been using since 2009. What is it you ask? Well it has a few features but I mostly use it for the scrobbles and mostly for my own selfish reasons. A scrobble is basically an app detecting what you’re listening to and broadcasting it to your profile. Now my own selfish reasons being I like broadcasting what I listen to to my profile. I then can see charts, graphs and pretty artist and band pictures clumped into most listened to in a chosen time span. I AM a Virgo, after all.

I also like inputting certain dates to see when I started listening to bands like AFI (March 13th 2014) and Ghost (Feb 23rd 2016). I can input a date and see the music I was listening to on any given day. For example there is a block of classical music I played on September 14th 2015 for my mother while she was on her death bed. It’s a record of the last music we shared together and of her last moments.

Other features include a light sort of social platform and fee based services. The scrobbling is free and can be used with most of the music players (Spotify, Pandora, Google etc).


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