On the Ghost album & era Shadequelle

Hello again my fellow ghouls, ghulehs, and…the outranking number of haters, probably. How goes it? It’s been awhile since I wrote anything, and with good reason because it’s pretty unlikely that I’d skip writing a piece on Ghost’s album Prequelle that dropped a month ago to-the-day this is posted. However, I wanted to give myself plenty of time to immerse myself in the album before I even tried to write anything in regards, instead of talking just because I got a mouth.

So if you follow me on twitter (@ghost_tea_trash) you know that I am a) a Ghost fan, b) live for the tea, and c) a total garbage can, sometimes lit af, sometimes just on fire and stinking up the fandom neighborhood. A lot has seemingly happened since the release of Prequelle; we no longer feel obligated to refer to Tobias as “Toebeans Fudge” on this blog, for starters. However, I have quite taken to my German homie’s moniker of “Titty Fuck”. Speaking of titties, we got hit with the “titty milk”/Abba mention in an interview, as well as countless other precious statements from the man behind Ghost. That is in no way a diss, Tobias speaks English better than I do, though his linguistic style never fails to tickle (taints or otherwise).

The new Cardinal Copia character, aka Cardi C, aka Ol’ Dirty Harpsichord, has been more than meme friendly and keeping the fan groups occupied with his stage antics. The nameless ghouls are seemingly a few returning peeps and a whole bunch of new folks, some which have been unmasked and some that keep the rumor mill churning. The typical onslaught of novel fans have emerged, some cool and presenting dope doodles and art, the majority just annoying, but shit that’s anywhere anymore.

But on to whats really important; the album Prequelle. Do you love it? Hate it? Ghost fans can be a picky bunch of grapes, especially in regards to the label of “metal” as a genre. Honestly, who gives a shit what a bunch of metal elitists think, as I am yet to come across one who is either attractive or cultured. Bros who continuously question the sexual charisma of this band do not understand; these are the two qualities that get us girls and gays going. Let’s be honest though, as Cardi C’s face was so accurately described by another source as that of a car salesman; I myself getting avuncular vibes and imagining he’d be that guy at the family dinner covered in cat hair and smelling like burnt roach clips. However, boy can dress, dat azz is fire, and he has the voice of a thousand angels and the growl of the ancient demons. The ghouls are ostentatious but lovable. The addition of Ghoulisha Keys and Tori Ghoulmos is not only a progressive stunt to the patriarchy (especially in the music industry), but have you seen them drop it like it’s hot up there? I’m gay for it.

I’m supposed to be talking about the album, but really what is there to say other than Faith is a bad ass motherfucking jam, Life Eternal is both my future wedding and funeral song, and Rats still holds the cryptic lyricism this band is known for. To be honest, the lyrical content on Prequelle is the only thing that is lacking for me, but I also understand that most artist reach a level of fame in which time, creativity, and the protection of their privacy becomes an issue. However, Pro Memoria more than makes up for what many of the tracks may be less-than-perfection-lyrically.

I’m the type of music fan that will find one song and cling on for dear life, die, then alive, then die again because it’s so fucking good that I can’t stop listening to it on repeat for 3 days straight. Pro Memoria is that track from the Prequelle album; the string intro is perfection. The keys are banged in a way that sweep and push this song from start to finish, both reserved and leading, other times climatic. There’s almost a sea-chanty sound to the track, feeling as if you’re aboard a luxury liner in which trouble is inevitably brewing. You can feel the waves swell and fall while listening to this song.
I’ve referred to Prequelle as “Shade-quelle”; Pro Memoria is one of the saltiest tracks in regards to obvious diss tracks in reference to ex-ghouls and sinisterly alludes to telling them motherfuckers to get in the fucking sea. “Sweet Saint Peter” is obviously a reference to Simon (as Peter’s biblical name is Simon Peter, who was crucified on an upside down cross for the sake of his lord; the “satanic” symbol has previously been referred to as Saint Peter’s cross). The death in which the track continuously reminds us of is a fantastic double entendre; the death of the ex-ghouls careers as even with new projects their “fame” is quickly fading, as well as a nod to a little industry sacrifice…i mean, this new stage set up isn’t just a bunch of junk thrown together. There’s a nautical aesthetic, but the masonic checkerboard has made a return…then again, who knows, maybe they just had plenty of the textile left over from Popestar and they’re economizing (“Jay-Z, i know you got killers bro, please don’t send them at my head”).

So now that you’ve read my highlight reel from the past 30 days, let me know if YOU are living for this new era and if Copia is snatching your wig. I’m looking forward to hitting some of the future tour dates, and plan on flying out for the arena show in L.A. to kick it with my fellow dirty rock star writers and other fan group friends. I did have a VIP ticket lined up but that person just became too emotionally draining to stay friends with (I’m sticking to my rule of only applying my education and training on those that are god damn paying me for my services), but when there’s a will there’s a way. OH, I’ll be in Sister Imperator cos, so come say hi and take a pic for the ‘gram. If you’re lucky, you may even be slipped an invitation to the dick sucking competition that AJ and I are hosting post ritual. Maybe you deserve one just because you read this entire post.


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