Is Tobias Forge a sociopath?

Everybody acts like God is all that

But I got the feelin’ he ain’t never coming back

So I got an angel that answer my prayer

Floating on the cloud that I blow in the air

Nobody wins but nobody cares

They just want blood when the people cheer” – The Roots, “When The People Cheer”

When I proposed as to the interest levels of readers on twitter if they would want to read a piece dedicated to examining the correlation of sociopathic characteristics and how they are exhumed by Tobias Forge, there was an uproarious YES. However, I’m not going to to that. I’m a fan; my scope is too limited. I don’t know that motherfucker, and it’s honestly none of our business what goes on in that guy’s noodle if it’s not effecting us. If you feel like he or Ghost is negatively causing any type of fuckery in your life, please consult Ice Cube and run a check.

Yesterday was let’s throw #teaandsalt at Tobias via Linton (ex Ghost bassist during Infestissumam era) on Instagram, today is Simon (ex Ghost lead guitarist) who I’ve already written about why he is cancelled (exits in new tab link). Both of these guys are in the Priest project, but seemingly alllllll of these guys in allllllll off-shoots from Ghost seem to mingle and require a diagram just to understand. My question today isn’t going to challenge Simon’s remarks about Tobias being “someone who treats life like a chessboard” to some German press, as he’s referring to manipulation; a pretty common human trait. Social media of course wants to escalate this into psychopathy in jest (um, I hope that was meant to be snark?), but it’s just feeding into these ex-ghoul’s desire for attention, cancelling any validity of pointing the finger at another for being manipulative. I just heaved a sigh, literally. Why is Simon so fucking stupid, man…

If you’re up on the current trends of the topic, 1 in 10 are believed to hold enough characteristics to be considered prone to sociopathy, and that’s just naturally (as the current state of the psych/neuro communities are in agreence as to brain chemistry varying enough from those who do not hold sociopathic traits). If you want to dive even further into the stats, 1 in 4 are considered a learned sociopath; that is, their behavior or traits are influenced by their experiences. Depending on who you talk to in the field, and right now you’re talking to ME, those stats are also congruent with stats in domestic violence. But think of it this way; there’s a very thin line of what separates The Batman and The Joker from being the same individual. Some people are prone in more than one way to being this level of martyrdom or devious, and I may not personally know TF but he does not come off as either of those things on an abnormal scale.

As a fan there is one topic that has stood out to me in regards to Tobias’ personality traits, however, is his maturity level and ability to cope; found in his mentions of the ex-ghouls…in particular when asked about the lawsuit by interviewers. Since all of this started over a year ago, T’s gone from referring to past lineup members as “friends” and sounding downright melancholy about these guys being gone, to casually discussing how these guys were just drinking buddies along for the ride, to now saying that most of them were strangers and the only real friend he has from Ghost is one of the original members. At first glance this progression seems like, ok, is he being a fucking liar? Am I being gooped? Because that’s how social media conditions us to react, to make quick and rash judgments of others without more context or an abstract thought. In my opinion, it seems Tobias has actually processed through the break up with a group of dudes he thought were friends, but evidently showed themselves to be a bunch of assholes both during and after being a part of the Ghost project. It’s totally healthy for Tobias to go through this thinking process; my honest perception is that he’s not manipulating us fans, at least not in regards to his thoughts and feelings regarding the former ghouls.

So consider, who HAS been on the shadier end of things? Mauro’s videos with near nudity? The Priest project? Even “Tom the Aids Hunter” has torn down TF in a few online instances, and ain’t nobody ever even heard of this dude before Priest. From what I, and anyone with two fucking eyeballs for reading can see, is that while Tobias goes on living his best life, these ex ghouls remain the salt squad, ready to take any open opportunity to shit on Tobias’ success. Just like I’ve made the point before regarding Tobias being the only member who’s married with kids and seemingly has his shit together, these other guys are drinking and fucking off consistently on their Instagrams (that feature the tagging of AIDS and “Meth” on the sides of buildings, which was funny until it became expected). I do admit to having a soft spot for Linton, not just because he’s cute but because the dude’s dad is married and procreating with someone his own age…and it doesn’t take a Freudian historian to see the mele of fucked-uppedness in that family dynamic.

That’s what we need to remember through all of this tea, and all of this extra typing I’m doing to further smash in my grad-student weekly paper writing ass fingers… all these guys are fucking people, man. Some more problematic than others, some making good decisions more than others, but we all have a background and a reason for how we behave or the traits we exude. Tobbe has seemingly worked through and accepted all this shit from the past year and a half, while a guy like Simon or Linton lack the emotional maturity or ability to move on and using their own resentments to be relateable to past fans who are also relentlessly salty to gain attention and/or album sales — but wait, tell me again, who’s playing chess master?



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  1. So here’s my take on this. 1st Simon doesn’t know the difference between psychopath and sociopath. 2nd There is a difference between a sociopath and a successful person. He doesn’t just wait for things to happen for him. No one is going to be successful just waiting for good things to happen for them, it doesn’t work that way. TF dreams and puts his dreams into motion, follows them through and keeps focus. That’s not a sociopath, it’s ambition.

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    1. word. i know these guys are european and all, but when you even request an extension on a lawsuit you yourself file to TAKE HOLIDAY…that’s not just my american bias, i was raised by immigrants. that’s just some wack prioritizing. everything that TF’s is saying about these guys, which hasn’t even been much but he has alluded to their whiny pussy bitch lazy attitudes, they’re getting back what they put in. as someone who doesn’t half measure a damn thing in life it makes me wonder what it is to be so lucky for these guys to have such spoiled and entitled attitudes.

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  2. Are ambitious people always nice? Nope, probably not. Sometimes you have to step on a few toes to get ahead. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone successful whose never stepped on any toes. TF is all in, this is his life. He’s not joking around. He wants what he wants and he’s seeing it through.


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