Rats on the Road: Riverside, Ca

Saturday, as most of you know from reading my tweets, was the first day of Ghost’s Rats on the Road tour and of course I was in attendance. After a lot of heat, lines, and disorganization we finally got to see the first show of this highly anticipated tour. This show was phenomenal and the set list has snatched all our wigs and is as follows:




Con Clavi Con Dio

ad Aspera ad Inferi

Devil Church


Stand by Him


Jigolo Har Megiddo

Pro Memoria

Deus in Absentia



Pinnacle to the Pit


Year Zero


He Is

Prime mover

Mummy Dust

If You Have Ghosts

Dance Macabre

Square Hammer

I was pretty much clinically dead when Deus in Absentia was played. Holy shit I was totally besides myself. The new songs are brilliant. Rats, Faith, Pro Memoria, Dance Macabre and an instrumental, Miasma featuring Papa Nihil on the saxophone.

Oh can we talk about Air Ghuleh and Tambourine Ghuleh for a sec? Wow we have new Queens! These girls have all of us saying “chAir who?” THAT KEYTAR SOLO WAS ON POINT SWEETIE YOU’RE DOING AWESOME and Tambourine Ghuleh bringing some soul to this show.

The part of the night I was hoping for was seeing the Cardinal in the white suit and blessed be he came out wearing it and performed an acoustic version of Jigolo Har Megiddo. Yeah, major ovary bursting. Whoa should I even bring up his thighs here or nah? God damn, Tobias, shake what your momma gave you. These suits even have straight men questioning their sexuality. We do indeed feel your thrust my man.

Not into the new Ghost? I don’t know, you should probably piss off but they did play some old favorites like Prime Mover, Ritual, Year Zero and If you Have Ghosts.

Also I did get the chance to get an autograph from Aether after the show and rumour has it the boss man didn’t come out until around 4 am.

Tonight Ghost take the Rats on the Road show to Tucson, Arizona. Check out all tour dates below!


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