An Evening with Ghost at the Grammy Museum

I’m still shaken at the announcement of this gig and it’s over. For one I wasn’t able to go. I know, sucks for me. Anyway I did get a chance to get the low down from Erika and we fangirled as she told me how the night of May 1st unfolded.

Erika takes me through an exciting night describing the latest antics of Cardinal Copia and our three mystery Ghouls.
“…then three Ghouls entered stage right and the The Cardinal entered last”. So the news on the interwebs was Ghost played Rats, Cirice, Jigolo Har Megiddo and this was confirmed. After the 3 song set The chapters previously released online and at Monday mass were replayed. Then the crowd was graced with the opportunity to listen the the Prequelle record in its entirety.

“Can you compare the record to
any of the other three or is it it’s own monster?” I asked, trying to get a feel for what’s in store. While asking this question Erika stated “There are songs that are fucking hard and it’s what I was hoping for. The instrumentals are long! And just other worldly” then she answered my question “You know it’s really its own monster. There are some very 80’s metal feels in a couple songs, there’s a slight Opus taste but essentially it stands on its own.” Erika adds “I had my eyes closed and just a stupid smile on my face for a lot of it”. Honestly, I don’t blame her.

Next up was the interview with out dark lord and savior, Tobias Forge. “So he came out by himself unmasked? How did y’all respond to that?” “Fuck GIRL!” Erika replies “When the exec director announced him you could hear the GASP! He came out and people jumped to their feet. While people were getting settled you could hear people murmuring “holy shit!” and “oh my god it’s HIM!”

I can’t imagine being in that room even though I’ve been lucky enough to meet him.

Some things Tobias covered in the interview:

  • Themes, his writing, that he’s already writing for the next album.
  • The fervor around “unmasking” and the difference between being unmasked and being anonymous. He said hes never really felt anonymous. He made it clear that him unmasked is never going to be “the show”.
  • He talked about how when he writes it’s like writing for a film or theatre. Also the seriousness in the themes but how in the live performance he does lots of tongue-in-cheek stuff.
  • The interviewer was asking about the difference between the European / Scandanavian crowds and the American crowds T was saying how in the US the crowd kind of “gets it” as far as the stage show and the separation.

Looks like there is a lot of doom in-store for us. I’ve been anticipating this record for at least a year and a half now and so has the rest of the fandom. From Erika’s review I think this record will be epic and exactly what we wanted to hear.

Thank you to Erika for the run down of the evening. you can check her out On IG (@thefirstgeekbride )

Image from Getty Images

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