I’ll Go Far Below… Into the Diamond Black

How far below and how deep does the mystery go?  When I heard “Ghost In The Glass” I had goosebumps from the very beginning. 30 seconds in I already knew this song had trapped me. Being the second song release from Diamond Black, I expected it to be as good as their first release “Sorrow”.  I miscalculated, it was even better if such a thing is possible. The consensus among my peers was the same. They really did it this time.

I was sucked in by the ethereal echo at the beginning that really gives the song a ghostly footprint.  It wastes no time getting turbulent, just the way I like it.  It flows seamlessly and leaves no lull between. The lyrics shook me and made me wonder about the writers, “Who Hurt You?” Whatever inspired these lyrics must have cut deep.

Jaako Turunen’s voice is high, low and everything in between and leaves nothing to be desired. Through the phantasmic aura of the song, drum and bass give the song true life. There is no lack of verve. Their polished presence and visual aesthetic is spot on.

Here is what guitarist and writer Ben Christo said when I asked a few questions about what has happened in the past few months since the two songs have been released.

Me: What is “Ghost In The Glass” about?

Ben: I’d rather keep it a mystery, as I like the listeners to find their own meanings in the words. I’d like to think that’s why the songs have resonated with people on a profound level – because there’s enough vivid imagery to be evocative, but it retains an ambiguity to which the listener can relate their own story.

Me: Why was “Sorrow” chosen to be your first release instead of “Ghost In The Glass”

Ben: Sorrow is faster and arguably heavier, whilst still possessing the characteristic melancholic melody of DB and it’s often better to hit hard with your debut. What’s more, the song’s title is the same as the chorus, which, again, results in a more upfront approach for a first impression.

That said, there was a time where it was almost inevitable that Ghost would be the forerunner, as the chorus lyric contains the band name.

Me: You recently toured Scotland and England with Cellar Darling. How do you think the audience received you?

Ben: We were thrilled at the positive reviews we got across the board from all 3 shows, with press really seeming to get and commend what we are about. And for the punters, there was just enough crossover in the heavier and darker elements of both bands for the Cellar Darling crowd to tune into what we do, so we felt we connected with a good portion of them. The venues were always busy when we went on, too, and we were flattered that fans had traveled from as far as Germany, Belgium, and Finland to witness our very first shows.

Me: Since you all have other music commitments where does DB fit into the scheme, top priority?

Ben: We want to make DB our top priority, as it’s something we all believe in, are passionate about and we feel it can go the distance. We understand that it will take time, but we are galvanized and committed. Although the following we have is modest, we have been inspired by the incredible passion of the individual fans (as far-flung as Brazil, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Australia, Canada, Mexico, North America, Scotland…), as they often tell us that the music (all 2 songs!) has connected with them in a very profound way  which makes us feel that we must be doing something right.

Fans, myself included who have been on board since the project was underway are itchy and anxious for the album release.  We are devout and willing to do just about anything possible to bring Diamond Black to the top where it rightfully belongs.  In recent times I’ve not seen a band more aesthetically pleasing, more talented and more connected with their fans than Diamond Black. As a fellow fan, Katie Newray said to me, “This is perfect timing. HIM just retired and they could easily fill that void”. I agree with her.

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