Tobias Forge don’t fucks with the ‘hood

"Other music styles that promote a way of living that their fans will never have — when music is all about 'making it' and wearing 'bling-bling' and 'all them bitches,' and the idea that without that stuff you're nothing — that is a bad influence for your fans." Tobias Forge to Revolver magazine   Tobias Forge... Continue Reading →


Ultramodern contamination

Just a note, I have had the intentions to post a compilation of new found divertissement, though the reiteration of bullshit associated with Jackass fucking White that I believed I had found closure to (see last two posts) combined with the difficulty of trying to follow a clumsily translated court trial (Ghost) has had me... Continue Reading →

Cardinal Copia’s Crotch

Do you remember when Elvis Presley performed on national television and they didn't show him from the waist down? I don't remember it because I wasn't alive but my parents and their generation remembered it. My mom remembered it more fondly than my father. Anyway, they would tell you as well as any history book... Continue Reading → and What I Use It For

I've been using since 2009. What is it you ask? Well it has a few features but I mostly use it for the scrobbles and mostly for my own selfish reasons. A scrobble is basically an app detecting what you're listening to and broadcasting it to your profile. Now my own selfish reasons... Continue Reading →

On the Ghost album & era Shadequelle

Hello again my fellow ghouls, ghulehs, and...the outranking number of haters, probably. How goes it? It's been awhile since I wrote anything, and with good reason because it's pretty unlikely that I'd skip writing a piece on Ghost's album Prequelle that dropped a month ago to-the-day this is posted. However, I wanted to give myself... Continue Reading →

Is Tobias Forge a sociopath?

"Everybody acts like God is all that But I got the feelin’ he ain’t never coming back So I got an angel that answer my prayer Floating on the cloud that I blow in the air Nobody wins but nobody cares They just want blood when the people cheer" - The Roots, "When The People... Continue Reading →

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